Turn your Discord server into a stock market

Buy and sell shares of channels in your server. The more active the channel, the higher the price! Earn your fortune by betting on social trends. Channel Stonks is a proud member of 651 communities and counting!

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Buy and sell shares in all your favourite channels

All players start with $100,000 to invest as they please. Buy the channels you think will be popular, then watch the trends and sell at just the right moment to cash out.

Channel prices respond to server activity

Whether your members are sharing memes, engaging in conversation or reacting to messages, the Stonks bot will watch your channels and adjust the stock price based on activity.

Track your investments over time

Check your assets and compare them to your friends. Watch your net worth grow over time (net worth history charts coming soon).

Feature Rich

There are lots of available commands to track your portfolio's progress over time, and compare yourself to others!

  • Ranks

    Who's in the lead? See how your wealth stacks up to other members.

  • Price Alerts

    Too busy to keep track of your investments? Set up price alerts. The Stonks bot will DM you when a stock moves above or below a certain price.

  • Investment Variety

    Not all channels are the same! Buy a category channel to track the average of all the channels inside it, like an index fund. Buy a voice channel that tracks the time spent talking.


๐Ÿ‘‘ Premium Stonks

Make a one-time purchase to unlock even more features across all servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the bot? Here's some more info.

Channel Stonks is a proud member of 651 servers and counting

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How do I use this bot?

Check out the guide, which will help you set up the bot for your server, list the available commands and describe the algorithms used to determine channel prices.

What counts as activity?

The bot builds an "activity score" for channels that is based on message count, word count, emojis, attachments, and links.

What permissions does the bot need?

The bot requests permissions to see voice activity (mutes, deafens), view channels, manage roles, view the audit log, and send messages/reactions. It needs the audit log so it can acknowledge who added the bot with a friendly message. The bot will eventually be able to create and manage custom roles as an optional feature, so I am including the manage roles permission.

Is the bot configurable?

Yes! There are plenty of settings to change the bot's behaviour to suit your server. One example is the ability to move all bot commands and responses into a dedicated channel. You can also change the volatility of your server's market, creating more trading opportunities for your members.

What's Premium?

Hosting this bot costs money. If a user makes a one-time donation to cover hosting costs and development, they'll be permanently rewarded with extra features! Click here to check it out.